Thoughts on developer community building

The experience of building developer community for Nervos CKB This is a post about my experiences and observations building community for Nervos CKB over the past year. In it I recap efforts we have done on developer engagement, feedback from developers, my thoughts based on previous experience, communication, and observation of different developer communities. It… Continue reading Thoughts on developer community building

A Close Encounter with Rust Community

Notes from the Organizer. A huge thanks to our attending dev community, presenters, organizing team, sponsors, enthusiasts, volunteers and other stakeholders for coming together for a phenomenal community gathering! First things first, video of all sessions, will be posted on Rust YouTube channel as soon as our post production team can finish them. Presentation slides,… Continue reading A Close Encounter with Rust Community

Why Rust?

A simple and elegant choice. Why did you decide to use Rust for Nervos CKB, not C++, Go or Haskell? The answer from CKB developers is as simple as their code — because it’s elegant. I have always been curious about Nervos CKB development team’s choice for adopting Rust as the language with which our… Continue reading Why Rust?